Stuart Bew, Site Manager at Barratt Steel Buildings says Molabolt is first-class and does the job perfectly…

“The Molabolt was recommended to us by word of mouth. So far we have used it in two locations, the first to solve a problem on an entrance to a large retail premises where the architect required a smooth, smart exterior. We would normally have used welding, but this would not have been a satisfactory finish. The Molabolt allowed us to bolt in to a blind section, providing a neat and professional job.”

“On the second project we had to build right up to another building for the first fixing into a blind situation. Molabolt did this perfectly.

“The Molabolt is first class, I can see it being used more and more as the word spreads.”

“What I like about the Molabolt is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Just one person, with no special skills can fit the Molabolt in the same time as it takes for a standard bolt. It doesn’t require any special tools and it solves problems that would normally be labour intensive and difficult.”


Chris Fletcher, Engineering Supervisor of British Bakeries says Molabolt does a half an hour job within minutes…

In the bread industry, speed is the essence and when Chris Fletcher learned of the Molabolt, he realised here was a solution to his problem.

As the Engineering Supervisor at British Bakeries, Nottingham, it is his responsibility to ensure that any breakdowns on the four production lines are fixed as fast as possible.

“Every minute counts in the bread baking industry,” says Chris “and when I saw the Molabolt I could see how repair time could be reduced massively.”

Chris goes on to explain, “Normally it could take 20 minutes or more to change a bolt. It first needs drilling out, then a Helicoil needs fitting before replacing the bolt. A Molabolt could do the job in less than a minute or two.”

Advanced Bolting Solutions, the manufacturers of the Molabolt provided British Bakeries with handy kits with a range of sizes, ready for that emergency.


Bob Rainer, Director at K&R Fabrications says Molabolt is the only solution and should be industry standard…

Molabolt was the only solution to the engineering challenge faced at The Devonshire Royal Campus, Buxton, where extensive building and renovation work was being undertaken. The site, now converted to a college campus for Derby University, was originally a grand meeting place and provided accommodation for the horses that brought the Victorian elite to Buxton. A famous spa town, Buxton maintains its thriving economy, based on its natural resource, water.

The main contractor on the project was G F Tomlinson Building Ltd. They used K&R Fabrications for the steel work required and Bob Rainer of K&R describes the problem – “we needed provide struts and ties that had significant structural importance and that could be guaranteed secure and firm when bolted in place, even though there was no access to the back of the structure. To solve the problem, Structural Design Engineers, Arup, specified Molabolt”.

Bob, with over 25 years experience in the business, believes that the Molabolt Peg Anchor is set to become the industry standard tool for solving the problem of fixing into hollow sections particularly where access is restricted or where using alternative products which require over-sized drill holes might weaken the structure “I can see it having a lot of uses, particularly as it is so straight forward a bolt to use. The guys on the site really like working with the Molabolt Peg Anchor”.

Chris Jarvis of Arup, always careful to give impartial advice, describes Molabolt Peg Anchor as “a useful solution to many complicated connections.” He goes on to say “having discussed the problem with K&R Fabrications, we directed them to the Molabolt website at”


Andy Douglas, Masonry Support Specialist at Flahive Brickwork says Molabolt does not fail…

“I’ve been using Molabolt for many years a great product, a great service never had one fail and always on the end of the phone for advise when you need it.”