Solving the problems of vibration

Anti-Vibration-Molabolt The Anti-Vibration Molabolt deals unequivocally with the problems and safety issues surrounding bolted connections that are subject to vibration, those with a critical dependency on locking agents or low tolerance to locking torque.The Anti-Vibration Molabolt can also be used for fitting soft or fragile materials such as aluminum or glass.This Molabolt can be unlocked, and removed if required.As with other Molabolts its advantages over any alternatives are speed and ease of application, and no special skill or tools are required.

The Anti-Vibration Molabolt is ideal for those situations where construction and movement come together such as railways, wind turbines and lift shafts.

Other applications include transport and mechanical engineering; in fact anywhere that vibration challenges come to bear the Anti-Vibration Molabolt has a role to play.

Fast and easy application