“The Molabolt was recommended to us by word of mouth. So far we have used it in two locations, the first to solve a problem on an entrance to a large retail premises where the architect required a smooth, smart exterior. We would normally have used welding, but this would not have been a satisfactory finish. The Molabolt allowed us to bolt in to a blind section, providing a neat and professional job.”

“On the second project we had to build right up to another building for the first fixing into a blind situation. Molabolt did this perfectly.

“The Molabolt is first class, I can see it being used more and more as the word spreads.”

“What I like about the Molabolt is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Just one person, with no special skills can fit the Molabolt in the same time as it takes for a standard bolt. It doesn’t require any special tools and it solves problems that would normally be labour intensive and difficult.”