In the bread industry, speed is the essence and when Chris Fletcher learned of the Molabolt, he realised here was a solution to his problem.

As the Engineering Supervisor at British Bakeries, Nottingham, it is his responsibility to ensure that any breakdowns on the four production lines are fixed as fast as possible.
“Every minute counts in the bread baking industry,” says Chris “and when I saw the Molabolt I could see how repair time could be reduced massively.”

Chris goes on to explain, “Normally it could take 20 minutes or more to change a bolt. It first needs drilling out, then a Helicoil needs fitting before replacing the bolt. A

Molabolt could do the job in less than a minute or two.”

Advanced Bolting Solutions, the manufacturers of the Molabolt provided British Bakeries with handy kits with a range of sizes, ready for that emergency.